You Can You Can Count on DU: The Arts STILL Matter and our Programs are STILL Here for You!

As words like “essential” fly through our brains, our DU staff has asked ourselves some of the following questions: What do our dance families NEED right now? How can we help our students and parents get through this time? How can we provide a sense of normalcy to our community? 

We know one thing for sure. Regardless if it is via zoom, watching recorded videos, in a parking lot, OR in-person at the studio; the arts STILL matter. It is more important than ever for kids to have an artistic outlet. Our dance classes are able to fill some of the gaps that children are feeling as they adjust to their new reality. 

Sick of changing news updates and disappointing cancellations? Today on the blog we are highlighting some of the things that you can ALWAYS count on at Dance Unlimited. Here are 4 things that haven’t changed through all of the shifts we’ve made over the past few months: 

1. Our students still get a creative outlet!

There is a reason why this is number one on our list! Creative expression has always been at the forefront of everything we do, but we know it is especially important during a scary and stressful time.

In-person OR online, we strive to give kids a fun outlet that breaks them out of their shells! We’ve been watching our students dance their hearts out in their living rooms. They may not have a mirror or dance floor, but their joy and creativity have not gone anywhere! 

2. Our dance classes give kids consistency and structure that they look forward to each week!

Before quarantine, your children were used to a schedule. They went to school, they went to dance, and they enjoyed family fun on the weekends. During a time when all normalcy and stability seem to have disappeared, we are proud to provide a consistent activity that you are able to pencil in. 

Our virtual dance classes on Zoom were built-in fun for your long days at home. When our dancers’ faces pop on the screen, we watch their smiles fly! They have adapted to our new classroom setting SO well and are ready for class each and every week. And we are ready to teach them, no matter what the world throws at us! 

3. Dance classes help kids feel connected to their peers and community.

Since we opened our studio 20 years ago, our classes have never been just about the dance steps. They are about building community. Ask any of our teachers and they will tell you that dance friends become best friends. 

Our online dance classes have been a source of social interaction and personal connection during a time when we were ALL lacking it! We LIVED for the times on Zoom when we called on a student and they just burst with stories and life updates! Waving to their friends and getting personal attention from their teacher was SO valuable. They are ready to continue building on the connections they’ve made as we transition back into the studio!

 4. As always, the show must go on!

This is something we say to our kids ALL year-round. During class, we constantly remind them that if you forget your dance on-stage, you bounce back and KEEP dancing. If your hairpiece falls off, you keep dancing! And when a pandemic hits the entire world, you guessed it, KEEP dancing!

We’ve loved having the opportunity to teach our kids this lesson in real-time. We didn’t stop teaching, and they didn’t stop dancing. We hope they remember to be this resilient the next time life throws them a curveball!

As you can see, we truly believe in the power of dance, now more than ever! The arts will ALWAYS matter, and Dance Unlimited will ALWAYS be here serving our community. 

To our dedicated DU parents, thank you SO much for your continued support. Thank you for always being there for your young artist. Seeing our dancers’ faces at our recent costume parade was a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do. The arts are worth fighting for. 

Let’s continue to close out our 20th season stronger than ever!! We can’t wait to welcome you back to our studio home! 

ps. Are you a NEW dance family looking to join us? Priority registration for the 2020/2021 school year is OPEN to new families! Register HERE.