Twist and Tumble Safely: Discover DU’s Acro Program!

Does your child love to twist and tumble their way through the world? Does your dancer wish they could execute more difficult tricks in their routines? If you answered yes, it’s time to consider an Acro Dance Class at DU. We offer several dance styles at our studio, and our Acro program is one of our most popular, fastest-growing programs.

So what is Acro? 

In an Acro Dance Class, students learn how to combine their dance technique with acrobatic elements, as these disciplines greatly complement each other. Our Acro Programs teach students how to use their flexibility, strength, and athleticism to execute impressive skills safely.

What makes DU’s Acro Programs unique? 

Here at DU, all of our Acro instructors are certified by Acrobatic Arts, a worldwide training program and network for dance educators. The Acrobatic Arts training program gives our skilled dance instructors further knowledge of anatomy, skill progressions, and best safety practices for their classes. Their courses provide hands-on training in spotting and step-by-step skill development. Acrobatic Arts has set the standard for excellence in Acro Training and we are so proud to have our instructors certified! 

How does DU put safety first? 

In addition to getting all of our instructors certified with Acrobatic Arts, DU uses the following best practices to ensure that our Acro Students stay safe while training:

    • A comprehensive warm up in every class. Complete with gross motor skills, stretching, and conditioning exercises, each warm up lowers the likelihood of injuries due to stiff and under-engaged muscles/joints. 
    • A clear progression of skills. Our students move through skills in order of difficulty. Each student must master each skill in order before moving on to the harder progression. This ensures that no one is attempting anything if their body hasn’t mastered the necessary building blocks!
    • Supportive equipment. We use mats and assistive equipment to help train a child’s movement and prevent injuries. Our students don’t learn skills on studio floors.   
    • Spotting techniques. Our instructors are trained to assist a child through a skill, as well as catch/hold a child if they don’t execute it properly. They are in GREAT hands! 

As you can see, safety isn’t just a priority for us at DU, it’s a practice. Safety is woven into everything we do here and we know that trusting us with your child is a great responsibility. We take our students’ safety very seriously and we hope you’ll choose us as your child’s home for Acro Training!

We are currently enrolling in our 2024 Summer Programs! To check out our Summer Offerings and enroll online, click here. In addition, our 2024/25 School Year Schedule is coming soon! Stay tuned for VIP Priority Registration Info!