Top 4 Benefits of Dance Class

At Dance Unlimited, we do more than just dance. For those of you who are new to the DU family, we are a dance studio in Augusta offering classes for ages one- adults. We don’t just build great dancers though, we build great people. We teach our students technique AND we teach them valuable life skills that they will use for years to come! 

Have you checked out our studio’s mission statement? Through everything we do, our dance classes inspire confidence, embrace compassion, and build community. We take those firm values right into the classroom, so today we’re showing you how!

Apart from dance technique, what exactly is your child gaining when you sign them up for dance? Check out our Top 4 Benefits of Dance Class!

1. Confidence

For those of us who grew up dancing, we all know how powerful dance can be during those formative years. Dance just has a way of inspiring people to break out of their shells! It’s really easy to get lost in the music and let go of whatever insecurity is holding you back.

When you move your body, you love your body. We’ve seen this hold true time and time again. Especially for our teens and pre-teens whose bodies are changing, it is SO important to stay active and discover what amazing things your body is capable of. At dance class, your body does the talking without the interference of personal doubt or negative thought patterns, inspiring unwavering self-confidence that stays with you for a lifetime!

2. Independence

This one is particularly evident in our preschool dance program! We offer parent-and-child classes for students as young as one, but our independent classes start at age three. At such a young age, dance class may be the first time your child has been separated from their caregiver. 

This time apart from you is SO valuable to a child’s development. They learn to make their own choices, try new things, and explore their own limits! You will watch as your child grows into their own, tiny human being right before your eyes. Fair warning, it’s pretty magical! 🙂

3. Coordination

During dance class, we use both small and large muscle groups! Leaping across the floor encourage gross motor skill development, while learning how to point our toes during that leap is a fine motor skill. Most importantly, in dance we are developing both sets of motor skills with every step. Our bodies are focusing on a million things at once, which is why dancers are some of the most coordinated people you’ll meet!

4. Social Skills & Compassion for Others

A dance class is special because it operates like a sports team, but loves like a family. In other words, we build a sense of community in our classes. Each individual is able to shine, while supporting and caring for their fellow dancers. 

From learning how to take turns across the floor, performing their recital dance in groups, or cheering on a student when they struggle with a skill, it’s all part of our mission! Everyone is welcome in our giant DU family! 

With all that in mind, our dance parents are able to rest easy while signing their child up for a formative, valuable dance experience. Many of our students grow up dancing at our studio. Watching them continue to shine year after year is the MOST rewarding part of our job!

Experience these benefits for yourself this Fall in our 2020/2021 Dance Classes! We are still accepting enrollment in some classes, so hurry to our website and view the schedule today. Voted the best dance studio in Augusta since 2001, it’s more than just dance at DU!