Tips for The Best Recital EVER

dance recital in AugustaOur absolute FAVORITE time of year has begun: Recital Season! Our dances are coming to life, we’ve started sending our shimmering costumes home, and we’re officially preparing our students for the best dance recital in Augusta! 

Earlier this month, we announced our 2021 Recital Theme: The Journey is Yours! We are so excited to take the audience on a dance-filled adventure! While our recital venue details are still taking shape during this time, we’re again committed to offering a fantastic experience for our families, whatever it may look like! 

Recital information can be difficult to keep track of, especially for first-time dance parents. Between costume care, rehearsal schedules, and getting your child ready, it can be tricky to sort through it all! Whether you’re new or returning, we’re eager to help all of our dance families have a smooth recital experience. 

With the help of our veteran dance parents and teachers, we’ve put together this huge list of tips and tricks for the best dance recital in Augusta! Check it out!

Before Recital Week:

    • Read ALL your DU Recital Emails! Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sending out ALL the vital info. Rehearsal schedules, dates, and day-of must-haves will all be in your inboxes! Don’t forget to mark those calendars early and put DU emails in a folder for quick access.  In addition, you can always find your emails in the Parent Portal too!
    • Hang your tutus upside down and let shower steam take care of the wrinkles! Whatever you do, DON’T iron! 🙂
    • Label EVERYTHING! Put your child’s initials in all of their costume tags. Don’t forget about shoes, tights, and accessory bags.
    • Add a Ziploc bag on each costume hanger for hairpieces and accessories! 
    • Invest in a nude leotard and a clothing rack for easy costume changes. DU sells nude leotards that serve as the perfect undergarment during quick changes. Your dancer can arrive with warm-ups over their leotard and slip their costume on top. Clothing racks are a must-have for students with tons of dances!
    • Check out some ballet bun tutorials on Youtube! This video is great for a classic ballet bun, and this video uses a bun maker tool which can be a little easier! 
    • Encourage your dancer to perform their routine for you at home. This can really help with those pre-show jitters! 

On the Big Day:

    • Build in more time than you think for getting your dancer ready. Hair, make-up, and packing your costume bag take time. There’s nothing worse than rushing!
    • Pack a bag of hair and makeup supplies for touch-ups.
    • Be sure to secure hair pieces with TONS of bobby pins. They can fall out easily.
    • Have your dancer wear a button-up or zip-up jacket on their way to and from recital. This is the best way to avoid hair and makeup struggles! 
    • Pack mess-free snacks and water only! We don’t want to ruin those beautiful costumes.
    • Take pictures, but be sure to put the phone down and live in the moment! You’ll cherish these memories forever.  
    • No stress, no problems! The community amongst our DU parents and staff is remarkable. There is always someone around to help you out and ease your worries. 

We asked our veteran dance parents to help us make this list and let’s just say they exceeded our expectations! In addition to practical tips, they shared some heartwarming thoughts about recital week. Check out some quotes below for a sneak peek of the DU recital magic!

“Don’t stress. Every single minute has been carefully planned by the DU staff! TRUST them! They are PROFESSIONALS!” ~Desireé L

“One of the best things about DU and recital time is the true feeling of the DU family. Everyone treats the person next to them like they were their own. Enjoy and watch the kids shine. You will see them like you have never seen them before.” ~Troy T.

“These kids and staff have worked hard all year long and can’t wait for you to be there. These moments pass by too fast. Enjoy every moment.” ~Melissa W. 

We’re working hard in class to perfect our recital routines and prepare our dancers! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for sneak peeks and recital updates! We can’t wait to host the best dance recital in Augusta and share this special day with our dancers!