The DU Difference: What Makes Us Special

We know we are biased, but we happen to think that Dance Unlimited is a PRETTY magical place. How do we know? Well, for starters, our students’ faces light up when they walk in the doors. Better yet, our dance parents come back year after year to continue their child’s journey as a part of the DU family.

We pride ourselves in providing the best kids dance classes in Augusta, Maine. Between our convenient options for parents, our spectacular class experience, and our family-friendly atmosphere, we know how to make the WHOLE family smile. 

What makes us so special? Today on the blog, we’re breaking it down because we can’t help but share the greatness! 

4 Ways That We Set Ourselves Apart From the Rest:

1. All-Inclusive Pricing

We know our dance parents have A LOT on their plates. That’s why we do whatever we can to make their lives easier. Our pricing is uniquely convenient because it ALL comes down to just 1 monthly payment. No extras.

Your monthly tuition payment includes class tuition, all recital costumes, performance tights, and all performance accessories. All DU families also receive 2 complimentary tickets to our annual recital and a free digital performance download. 

We love our All-Inclusive Pricing setup because it means NO surprise fees throughout the year. There are NO additional costs for performances. You won’t be bombarded with extra costume costs around the holidays or the end of the year. Your monthly payment takes care of it ALL. 

2. A Clear Path for Level Progression 

At DU, we strive to make sure that every child’s experience is phenomenal. Our programs have a clear level progression so every child can find a class that meets them at their skill level. View our new program guide here! 

Better yet, our program progression makes it easy to measure growth and see what a dancer is working towards. Our dance classes run on a school year calendar, but there is no restarting each fall. We always progress a child’s training so they continue to grow year after year. 

3. 20 AMAZING Years of Experience

Big news! This past year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary year of kids dance classes in Augusta! We’ve treasured the past 20 years of providing amazing dance education to our community, and we can’t wait for 20 more!

What does this mean for our families? Well, it means we’ve had 20 years to work out kinks and grow our programs to be the best they can be. They say practice makes perfect and that has held true at our studio throughout the years. 

We know how to offer AMAZING classes that are convenient and affordable for parents. We’ve had time to perfect our studio procedures so everything is on point and organized for our dance families. Our recitals have grown into spectacular productions over the years. Most importantly, our 20 years of dance education make us confident that we are giving you nothing but the BEST. 

4. More Than Just Dance

At Dance Unlimited, our motto is “inspiring confidence, embracing compassion, and building community.” We may teach our students stellar dance moves, but when they leave the studio, they have gained so much more than just the steps. 

At our studio, we watch as our students form life-long friendships with other dancers. Even if kids attend different schools or aren’t placed in the same school class, they are able to see each other each week at dance. 

When we asked our students why they dance, we got some answers that made our hearts just soar! “When I dance, I feel safe” said Ashley, age 3. Jasmine, one of our 6-year-old dancers said, “when I dance, I feel good about myself.” Even better, 11-year-old Kara told us, “When I am at Dance U, I am part of a family. Everyone is loved.” Our studio’s motto rings true for our students time and time again. 

Are you ready to experience the DU difference?! We are currently accepting enrollment for our 2020/2021 Dance Classes. With limited class sizes due to COVID-19, some classes are already filling. Click here to view the schedule and don’t wait, register today!