Behind Every Dancer is a Supportive Dance Parent!

When you watch a child perform on stage at their annual dance recital, you see confidence, technique, and best of all, joy! But what you might not see are the supportive adults behind all those smiles. Between dance parents and DU instructors, some may say that it takes a village!

Our DU Staff treasures the relationships we build with our students. We care about them like we care about our own children. So when it comes to teaming up with our dance parents, we know that we all want the same thing: the absolute best for our dancers!

So how can we all support our dancers and their big dreams together? We’ve got some ideas! Behind every dancer is a supportive dance parent who is their number one fan. So today on the blog, we’re sharing some tips on how to become your child’s favorite audience member!

5 Ways to Be a Supportive Dance Parent:

1. Stay Involved

One of the best ways to show your child you care is by taking an interest. Some great questions to ask your child after class each week are…

    • What was your favorite part of class/rehearsal today?
    • What skills are you guys working on?
    • Have you started your recital dance?
    • Can you show me your dance at home?

2. Stay Updated

A supportive dance parent is one who helps their child feel prepared and excited about things happening at the studio. Reading all of our studio emails and communication will help your child feel like you are invested in their dance journey!

3. Showing Up For Your Dancer

Whether your child vocalizes it or not, seeing you in the audience or spending an extra moment with them at drop-off is important to them. They want to make you proud, and by simply showing up, you’re giving them pride in their accomplishments. 

4. Cheer Them On Through the Highs and the Lows

Whether they need a pep talk because of nerves before a performance or they’re looking for someone to celebrate their successes with, you are who they can turn to! Encourage them, remind them to never give up, and show them unconditional love through all their challenges! 

5. Support your Child’s Teacher

When it comes to parenting, you know what’s best for your child. And when it comes to dancing, our professional instructors can lead the way! Through your guidance, children learn to trust our judgment and also the training process. By valuing our expertise, you’ll show your child how to train and grow with a positive mindset.

Dance parents are superstars! The support you show your children is inspiring. Even if they don’t thank you now, they will look back on these years with grateful hearts. There is nothing more important to a child than a parent who supports their dreams! 

We are still accepting registration in select classes! Click here to view our class schedule and get started today. We’d love to help your child reach their goals this winter!