4 Reasons Why Kids Need Dance Right Now

There is one group of people who we absolutely cherish here at Dance Unlimited. We admire, we applaud, and we commend these people each and every day. Can you guess who they are? Drumroll please… PARENTS! 

Parents work day in and day out to provide, support, and nurture. They remember their children’s needs while also working to meet their own, and don’t blink an eye when putting their children first. That’s why our hearts are soaring when parents choose us for their children’s after school enrichment needs!

Our children need SO much right now, and dance has the perfect set of benefits. So today on the blog, we’d love to tell you about the things dance class brings to your child and what that means for their lives. 

4 Reasons Why Kids Need Dance Right Now:

  • Consistency Creates Ease

When you sign up for weekly dance classes at Dance Unlimited, your child gains a consistent after school activity on their schedule. Here, they can always expect to build upon their dance skills each week, working towards our year-end recital. This consistency offers stability in their lives. When children (or adults!) have stability, they can rest easy, feel calm and secure in their day-to-day, and move forward with ease.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out this article for more details on why consistency is important for kids!  

  • Friendships Create A Sense of Belonging

Coming out of a time where many activities and social events were canceled or made virtual, our childrens’ social skills need more nourishment than ever before. When they meet up with the same peers for smiles and dancing every week, they create friendships. This makes children feel connected to their community, but more importantly, they feel like they belong. The need to belong is programmed deep within all of us, and the DU community is a place where all are welcomed with open arms!

  • Healthy Bodies Create Smart Minds

When children attend our weekly dance classes, they don’t just learn impressive dance moves. They improve their coordination, gross motor skills, flexibility, and strength. Even more impressive is how these things increase brain function! That’s right, dancing bodies are healthy bodies, and healthy bodies create smart minds. Check out this article for more insight on how physical activity helps your child learn!

  • Positive Reinforcement Creates Confidence

We love celebrating our students’ successes in dance class. When parents are busy and kids are rushing to and from school, these successes may get lost in the shuffle. In our weekly dance classes, our teachers are there to nurture your child with their undivided attention. We watch closely as they work towards their goals and we offer positive encouragement every step of the way. Our students see this and grow into confident dancers who believe in themselves and their own abilities. 

Can you believe that these 4 benefits are just a fraction of the benefits that our weekly dance classes provide? They are some of the most applicable to our students right now, but it does NOT stop here! 

We know that parents are invested in their children’s needs and want only the best for them. That’s why we’re honored to provide only the best dance education! Enrollment in our weekly classes is closed right now… but don’t worry! Our summer enrollment AND VIP 2022/2023 enrollment will be opening very soon! 

We can’t wait for your child to soar with us!