Preparing for a Safe Return to Dance: What WE’RE Doing and What YOU Can Do To Help

Normally, heading into Fall looks like brand new school supplies, a beautiful new leotard, and a pair of tap shoes that fit once again! But during a pandemic, those fun Fall staples may have fallen lower on your priority list, and investing in a week’s worth of face masks is now a necessity! At Dance Unlimited, we are now accepting enrollment for our Fall Dance Classes in Augusta and we too are shifting our priorities.

With uncertainty about schools, daycare, and activities, we know our dance parents have a lot of difficult decisions ahead. As we prepare to open up our doors for another season of spectacular dance classes in Augusta, one thing is becoming very clear: preparation is key. Things will look a little different for our kids this Fall, but with preparation and clear guidelines, we are confident that our children can adapt!

Preparing for a safe return to dance classes is our top priority. Our dance floors have been taped off into socially distant personal squares for each dancer to move within. Class sizes are now smaller to allow for proper distancing. We are staying 6-feet away from our students and reminding them to use hand sanitizer often. Our facilities are cleaner and more organized than ever before so every child knows exactly how to stay safe. 

We couldn’t work ANY of our magic without the continued support of our fabulous dance parents. Today on the blog, we are sharing what YOU can do to help your child stay safe this fall. 

How to Prepare Your Child for a Safe Return to Dance: 

1. Teach Your Child about Germs and Best Hygiene Practices

This one is especially important for our tiniest dancers! It’s never too early to teach them about germs and how they are spread. Reminding your child to cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing, showing them how to properly wash their hands, and telling them to keep their hands away from their mouth/face goes a long way when returning to dance classes! 

2. Practice Social Distancing At Home

Amongst our teachers at Dance Unlimited, we often joke about how dancers have been “preparing” for a socially distant lifestyle for the entirety of their training! It’s true, dancers are EXPERTS at spatial awareness and maintaining spacing while moving through the room. 

Show your child what 6 feet looks like. Ask them to place their stuffed animals 6 feet apart and teach them some dance moves. Skip across your backyard while staying socially distant. Most importantly, show them how to speak to others without breaking that 6-foot barrier. All of this will help them feel confident and comfortable heading back to dance. 

3. Send Your Child to The Studio Ready To Go!

Prior to COVID-19 craziness, our dance families were always welcome to use our dressing rooms to change into dance clothes and store their belongings. However, to reduce the number of shared surfaces and germ spreading, the more you can show up completely ready to go, the better.

If your child is enrolled in just one class, we ask that you come to the studio fully dressed with nothing but essential items. For all other students, pack your dance bag with shoes and water only. Be sure to eat your snacks before entering our space and come prepared and on-time to class! 

4. Staying Positive During This Uncertain Time!

Parents are the most important impact on a child’s attitude and readiness to adapt to new circumstances. We love our dance parents and are SO thankful for your continued support of your child and our studio. We know you have a lot on your plate right now. Reminding yourself to stay positive and excited for what’s ahead while in front of your child may be difficult during stressful times, but we know it will go a long way once your child heads into class! 

We are SO excited for another great year of dance classes in Augusta. If you’re ready for a safe, fun, and socially distant return to dance, be sure to check out our Fall Dance Schedule. With smaller class sizes, don’t forget to save your child’s spot and register today!  

Once again, the safety of our dance families and staff is our number one priority. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue dancing and we are committed to doing so safely. We can’t wait for a great year!