Introducing Poppi the Panda!

We have big news over here at Dance Unlimited! We are SO excited to introduce our brand new studio mascot, Poppi the Panda! Look for Poppi’s fluffy, friendly face around the studio as you head back into class for our 2021/2022 Dance Season

Watch the Facebook live reveal HERE! 

Poppi the Panda will be joining the Dance Unlimited family because he represents what we are ALL about. He exemplifies our studio’s core values: Passion, Acceptance, Nurture, Development, and Achievement. We take pride in these values throughout every aspect of our studio community. 

These 5 core values are what makes enrolling at Dance Unlimited, LLC. such a valuable experience for our studio families. We make sure all of our students feel these values as they attend our weekly classes, participate in our performances, and if they join our Dance Unlimited Performance Company. Read on to learn more about our core values and the benefits of joining our dance family!

What Your Child Gains From Joining the DU Family:

  1. Passion
    The Dance Unlimited teaching staff is filled with passion not only for our craft, but for sharing it with young minds. Most of us fell in love with dance at a young age, and our goal as dance educators is to instill that same passion in our students. To find passion is to develop an interest that turns into something a child loves. For many of our students, that becomes dance!
  2. Acceptance
    Our studio is not only a place of learning, but a place of community. When you dance together, you work together, laugh together, and best of all, you grow up together! We see this time and time again and we always welcome new dancers joining the family. Lifelong friendships are built at Dance Unlimited!
  3. Nurture
    Every child needs to feel support, inclusion, and love as they try new things. We love being one of the many positive forces in our students’ lives. In our weekly classes, we encourage them and build them up to reach their highest potential.
  4. Development
    How do we see our dancers develop year after year within our programs? Aside from mastering technical skills, dancers improve self-esteem and confidence in class. We emphasize positive self-talk while working in class throughout the year. Once our students hit the recital stage, they are ready to take on the world!
  5. Achievement
    In DU classes, we set goals and work towards them week after week. Whether that be getting our splits down, remembering our recital dance, or nailing a pirouette, our students learn how to work hard. They feel pride in their successes and we all celebrate together!

We love sharing our core values with our dance families because they are what makes DU an amazing place to dance. Visit our website to learn more about our programs! We are currently accepting enrollment in our 2021/2022 Dance Classes! 

Poppi the Panda is SO excited to greet our new and returning dancers this Fall! Be sure to say hello and give a warm welcome. He serves as a reminder of the great things that can happen within our studio walls!