How To Know If Your Child Is Ready for Summer Dance Camps!

If you have little ones at home, you know how important it is for kids to have activities to look forward to and ways to get their energy out. As we all start to look ahead to summer, we’ve got JUST what you need for those summer months; Summer Dance Camps in Augusta! 

If you’re coming off of a year spent mostly at home, it may be difficult to know if your child is ready for in-person activities once again. You may have questions about returning, and we’re here to ease your worries! 

How To Know If Your Child Is Ready for Summer Dance Camps:

1. They Understand How to Stay Safe With Others

During this strange time, you may be wondering if it is safe to send your little one to social activities. In our experience, our dance students have adapted SO well. As long as your child is comfortable wearing a mask, refraining from touching others, and keeping a distance, they are ready to join us! 

We also strongly encourage talking to your child about handwashing and best hygiene practices, but we’ll remind them along the way as well. Check out the rest of our COVID-19 safety procedures here! 

2. They Have a BIG Imagination! 

If your little one is obsessed with fairytale adventures and whimsical stories, they belong at our 2021 Summer Dance Camps! Separated by age, we’re offering two magical camp options this summer for kids ages 3-7.

Princess Camp: Ages 3-5
July 8-9 & August 3-4
Does your child LOVE to get dressed up and feel like royalty?! Polish off those tiaras and waltz over to our Royal Dance Hall for ballet class, creative movement, crafts, and a snack in the banquet hall! 

Fairytale Camp: Ages 5-7
July 12-15 & August 9-12
Has your little one memorized the words to ALL their favorite fairytale music? It’s time for us to put some dance moves to those tunes as we delightfully journey through ballet and creative movement classes!

3. They Are Missing Their Friends

For those families who didn’t feel comfortable returning to the studio this Fall, we’ve missed you so much! If your comfort levels have changed and your child misses playtime with friends, our camps are perfect for their summer calendars! Connecting with others, dancing their hearts out, and expressing themselves is what our Summer Camp experience is ALL about! 

4. They Love to Get Up and MOVE!

Is your child bouncing off the walls at home? Do they love being active and getting their energy out? Send them our way this summer! Packed with movement activities, engaging crafts, and dance foundations, summer camps are a great way to stay active. We promise they’ll be ready for a nap once they head back your way! 🙂

So, are you in?! If you checked off most of these signs, your child is ready to join us at our 2021 Summer Dance Camps! Our campers will come home each day with a few new dance steps to show off at home, a special memory with their dance friends, and their favorite fairytale dream coming to life! 

We can’t wait to see you there! Space is limited due to social distancing guidelines. Save your child’s spot today! 

P.S. Are you looking for summer fun for you older dancers too? Check out our Shooting Star Camp and All Star Experience Camp for dancers ages 8+ who want to take their training to the next level this summer!