Fun in the Sun, and Magic in the Studio: Join us for Summer Dance Camps!

Summer is here! The sun is sparkling and so are we! Here at DU, we host some of the most imaginative, playful, and educational summer camps in Augusta. We love filling our summer days with dance, but we love seeing our campers smiling faces even more! 

If you’ve hit the pool, had a picnic, or found a new playground to explore, your families’ summer is off to a great start. But have you sprinkled some magic into your child’s summer plans? We are currently enrolling in all of our Themed Summer Camps and Training Camps, and we’d love to help you spice things up!

So what does your child gain when you sign them up for Summer Camps at DU? 

  • A kid-centered environment dedicated to them. Summer is hard for parents! We know it’s difficult to give your kids the undivided attention they need while juggling your normal commitments. At DU Summer Camp, we’re entirely focused on making their summer days incredible! That means no more listening to work meetings or watching TV alone… Hooray! 
  • A way to stay active. We’ll be moving, grooving, and dancing to their favorite tunes. 
  • A chance to dance in a low-stakes, creative environment. While our school year classes are more focused on skill-building, summer camps are all about being creative and learning through play. Our main goal is to see our students smile! 
  • Time with their friends and peers. When school is out, kids start to miss their friends! Summer camp gives them time to see one another while taking the pressure off of YOU to schedule a playdate! 
  • An imaginative world filled with adventure! Our camp themes include Princesses, Frozen, Unicorns, and more. We make your little one’s wildest fairytale dreams come true. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save your child’s spot today! Here’s a breakdown of our remaining summer camp offerings:

Princess Camp Session 2 | Ages 3-5 | August 7th & 8th | 9am-11:30am | $75
Elsa’s Frozen Adventure| Ages 4-7 | July 27th & 28th | 9am-11:30am | $90
Olaf’s Beach Party | Ages 4-7 | July 25th & 26th | 9am-11:30am | $90
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On top of themed camps for ages 3-7, we also offer two training opportunities for older dancers. They are open to the entire Augusta community and are geared towards dancers who want to challenge themselves over the summer. Students will enjoy 4 full days of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, acro, musical theatre, and more. Classes will be fresh, exciting, and sure to take your dancing to the next level! 

Shooting Star Camp | Ages 7-14 | August 14th & 17th | 9am-3am | $350*
All Star Experience | Ages 12-20 | July 31st & 8th | 9am-4am | $350*
*Camp fee includes one day’s tuition at New England Dance Movement on Friday, August 11th at the Augusta Civic Center
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When it comes to our Summer Programs, we’ve got something for everyone! Summer Camps in Augusta just wouldn’t be the same without a little DU magic. We hope you’ll join us and we can’t wait to see your child’s summer smile shine!