First Recital? Rock It Like A Pro at DU!

Did you know that our year-end recital is less than 4 months away?! While it feels like the holidays JUST happened, and it certainly doesn’t feel like March yet, recital season IS upon us. The excitement in the studio as we prepare our routines and try on costumes makes this the MOST anticipated time of year! 

We’ve got a very solid group of veteran dance parents here at Dance Unlimited that know all the ins and outs of recital season. It’s our goal to make all of our brand new dance parents feel just as comfortable and confident! Our all-inclusive tuition system, studio policies, and top-notch supportive staff make being a new dance parent EASY (or at least a little less overwhelming!)

Is it your child’s very first dance recital? Below are just a few ways that DU helps you rock it like a pro!

  • Your all-inclusive tuition takes several necessities off the list. Recital tights, accessories, two tickets, a recital t-shirt, and a yearbook are ALL included in your monthly tuition payment. To learn more about how convenient our tuition system is, check out our previous blog post here! 
  • Between your Parent Portal, email inbox, and our recital headquarters page, you’ve got ALL the important details. We make sure that you don’t have to go hunting for dates, rehearsal times, hair and makeup requirements, or ticket information. Check those inboxes often!
  • We sell nude leotards! Serving as the perfect undergarment for the big day, nude leotards allow your children to change into and out of costumes quickly backstage while remaining covered. Additionally, nude leos make it easy for them to wear warm-ups to and from the theater, keeping their costume in tip-top shape! 
  • Hair tutorials are available… Follow along with these tutorials and your child’s first-recital hair will be show-stoppingly beautiful! 
  • A few bonus costume dos and don’ts:
    • Do use steam, DON’T iron! 
    • Do label everything with your child’s name ( where it won’t be seen from the audience). Shoes, accessories, costumes, everything!
    • Do create a separate ziploc bag (labeled of course) for accessories.

With these tips, you’ll have a stress-free recital experience, leaving tons of room for cherishing the sweet memories. A child’s first dance recital is something that you both will treasure forever. For many, it’s the start of a life-long passion. For others, it’s the beginning of newfound confidence that will be taken into other passions as well. Either way, our veteran dance parents will tell you that it’s one of the most special days in a child’s early years! 

We can’t wait for some AMAZING performances on June 16-18! It’s going to be a fantastic showcase of our students’ hard work, dedication, and talent!