DUPC is Reaching New Heights!

DUPC has been up to some spectacular ventures lately, and we can’t help but share the greatness. They’ve been spreading joy with others, but also reaching new heights in their own dance journeys. We’re proud of all their accomplishments this dance season and it’s time to share the love!

Round of applause on a wonderful 2023 Competition Dance Season!

DUPC competed at Take Center Stage Dance Challenge and Turn It Up Challenge this year. We were absolutely thrilled by their performances, awards, and sportsmanship. Our routines received countless platinum awards, special judges awards, and top ten overall score placements.

When it comes to competition dance, the recognitions are great – but what we REALLY LOVE is watching our dance family behind the scenes. The love, the support, the giggles, those are priceless! Enjoy some pictures from our incredible competition weekends!

  competition dance

DUPC is packing their bags and heading to Disney World!

That’s right, we’re taking our magical dancing to the most magical place on earth! After submitting an application video, our dancers were selected to participate in the Disney Youth Performing Arts Program.

Heading to Disney is an opportunity for our dancers to perform in front of a wider audience and leap outside of their comfort zone! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be gearing up for the performance and trip of a lifetime. We’re headed to sunny Florida in June, so be sure to wish our DUPC dancers good luck and safe travels!

DUPC was featured on News Center Maine!

In honor of our incredible season and our upcoming trip to Disney, the local news featured our dancers! We were so excited! If you missed it, you can check out the article here.

This season has been absolutely spectacular. We love watching our DUPC dancers flourish inside AND out of the studio. The hours of training are great, but watching them spread their wings at competitions and out-of-state performances is unforgettable.

Our DUPC dancers will be performing at our end-of-year recitals on June 16 and 17 at the Winthrop Performing Arts Center! Be sure to cheer them ( and all of our DU dancers!) on during their final performance before heading to Orlando. We are already preparing for the upcoming 2023-24 dance season and we would LOVE for you to be a part of the EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, and EXCELLENCE of the Dance Unlimited Performance Company.