DU Goes Above the Line and Beyond the Barre!

We have some super exciting news to share with our dance families and the Augusta community! Dance Unlimited recently became an affiliated member of More Than Just Great Dancing! MTJGD is an organization that helps dance studios reach new heights. We are excited to share what this news means for our dancers and highlight what makes DU go above and beyond.

More Than Just Great Dancing is a studio membership program that helps studios strive for the highest standards. When we found out about it, we just knew we had to become a member, because that is what we’re all about at DU. We’ve been going above and beyond for over two decades. 

But just how does DU go above the line and beyond the ballet barre? Here is a list of initiatives and achievements that we’re proud to say make our studio more than just an awesome place to dance. 

1. Darby’s Dancers

We’re so excited to share the news about one of our newest programs, Darby’s Dancers! This adaptive dance class for ages 11-18 is designed for children with special needs. Darby’s Dancers is a nationally recognized non-profit program that promotes creativity, self-confidence, and inclusion for everyone. DU is a safe place for all children to dance and grow, which is why we’re thrilled to be hosting this class on Thursdays at 7pm.  Register your child here! 


Dance Unlimited is a proud member of the National Dance Education Organization and hosts one of Maine’s only chapters of the National Honor Society of Dance Arts. This unique opportunity gives our dancers the chance to be nationally recognized for their artistic merit. All high school-aged DU students are encouraged to apply for induction. Read our past blog post here to learn about our most recent inductees! 

3. A Focus on Leadership

Here at DU, we are proud to share that several members of our faculty are actually alumni of the studio. We have a long-standing history of not only watching children grow up at DU, but also seeing them go on to teach the next generation of dancers. This lineage is powerful because it shows our youngest dancers that becoming as good as our amazing faculty is both accessible and admirable! 

4. Acrobatic Arts Certified

On top of offering dance technique classes, we also offer acrobatics on our schedule! More importantly, our acro teachers are certified with Acrobatic Arts, an internationally acclaimed training program. Acrobatic Arts emphasizes safety, anatomy, and proper skill progressions. We make sure to offer only the best and safest programs to our beloved students! 

5. Events Open To All

While most dance studios only offer weekly classes that run on the school year schedule, we take it a step further in an effort to bring our Augusta community together. We host events that are open to the public all year round such as holiday celebrations, tea parties, and camps. It’s important to us that we extend our reach to all families, even if you’re unable to join us for the full school year! 

6. Mommy Movers

Did you know that in addition to our Adult Dance Classes, we also offer a low-impact dance fitness class geared towards moms of babies and toddlers? Happening each week on Thursdays at 9:30am, this class can be taken by moms who are expecting, wearing a carrier, or accompanied by a toddler workout buddy under the age of 5. We offer drop-in rates, so head to our events calendar to register today! 

7. All-Inclusive Tuition

And last but not least, is our all-inclusive tuition.  Our tuition system means that parents don’t have to worry about costume payments during the holidays, or forgetting to order their child’s recital t-shirt, program or DVD. All of these items and more are included with your tuition! For our parents, that means just sitting back and paying one monthly tuition payment.  Then, watch your child come out with their “gifts” throughout the year!  

As you can see, we exemplify what it means to offer more than just great dancing! We’re proud to become an official MTJGD member because it’s our mission to not build great dancers, but even greater young people. We take a holistic approach to dance education and we bring the Augusta community together in powerful ways!

We are grateful for the many families who have been loyal members of our studio. Thanks for sharing your special moments with us throughout the years. Here’s to many more to come!