Congratulations to our New NHSDA Inductees!

Did you know that Dance Unlimited is a proud member of the National Dance Education Organization and has one of Maine’s only chapters of the National Honor Society of Dance Arts?! The mission of NHSDA, Dance Unlimited Chapter is to recognize artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance. 

In January, we hosted our 2nd annual NHSDA Induction Ceremony, where we congratulated three graduating seniors with membership to our Dance Unlimited Chapter! Their outstanding leadership, community service, academic achievement, and excellence in dance over the years have made us proud to call them our students. Enjoy some photos from the ceremony on our Facebook page. 

Join us in learning more about our 3 newest NHSDA Inductees and congratulating them on their incredible achievements! 

Madeline Clay

Madeline Clay

High School: Gardiner Area High School
Achievements and Awards: NHS, Honors Student
Sports: Track
Years as a DU Dancer: 5

What do you love about DU? Dance U has become a second home for me. It is somewhere safe for all dancers to come and be themselves while doing something they love. The staff have made sure that every dancer that comes through the doors is happy and healthy. I came to a recital before I moved to Maine and I knew from watching the dances that DU was where I wanted to be.

What advice do you have for younger dancers? Cherish your time at DU!

What is your favorite dance memory? Attending NUVO in Boston! 


Madeline Clay

Kiara Henry

High School: Cony High SchoolKiara Henry
Achievements and Awards:
High Honors Student, MVP for Volleyball and Soccer
Sports/Clubs: Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Spanish Club
Years as a DU Dancer: 15

What do you love about DU? They’ve taught me so much about dance and much more.  There’s nothing I love more about DU than the family you grow to be a part of. Best friends and bonds between people that last a lifetime. Everyone is just amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better dance family. 

What advice do you have for younger dancers? Always dance your hearts out and never wish to skip ahead to next year. This year really taught me that everything could be taken away from us so quickly, you never know when your last performance could be. Time goes by way too fast.

What are your favorite dance memories? Meeting some of my best friends, the beach trip we took last summer, the Boston trip to NUVO, and #DUME. 

Kiara Henry

Madeline Levesque

Madeline LevesqueHigh School: Cony High School
Achievements and Awards: NHS, Soccer Captain, Teammate of the Year (Soccer), KVAC All Academic Award
Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Chizzle Wizzle
Years as a DU Dancer: 11 Years

What do you love about DU? Dance Unlimited has been my safe space since I started. It has provided me with opportunities and bonds I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. The instructors are happy to see you succeed and help you every step of the way. DU has taught me much more than just dance. I have learned how to be a good role model, serve my community, uplift others and to never give up.

What advice do you have for younger dancers? Confidence is half the battle in becoming a good dancer. The key is to let go and focus on how you feel while dancing and not how you look. Technique comes with practice but passion comes with confidence.

What are your favorite dance memories? Dance Camp, Team Trip to Disney, and Attending NUVO in Boston

Madeline Levesque

We are sending a HUGE round of applause to our 3 newest members of NHSDA (Dance Unlimited Chapter)! It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow up at DU and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. These young women exemplify the values of NHSDA and of Dance Unlimited. They are amazing role models for our students.

Congratulations on your many amazing accomplishments. Bravo Dancers! We are SO proud!

All DU high school dancers ages are encouraged to apply for membership to NHSDA. Keep your eyes peeled for more information this spring!