5 Surprising Benefits of Dancing With Us This Fall

It’s that time of year again… Back to school time, also known as school supply time, meet-the-teacher time, AND time to frantically sign up for activities! There’s a lot for busy parents to do in order to make sure your child has the best school year possible.

When it comes to signing your child up for activities, we know you’ve got tons of options! We may be biased, but we think dance is one of the best activities in Augusta. We’d love to tell you about what your child gains when you sign them up for one of our weekly dance classes at Dance Unlimited! 

5 Surprising Benefits of Dancing With Us This Fall:

1. Creativity

While dancing is incredibly athletic, it is primarily a performing art. Our students learn how to express ideas and emotions while making music come to life. In a typical school day, most students use their logical and analytical skills disproportionately to their artistic, emotional, or imaginative skills. We love watching our students flex their creative muscles in our classes!

2. Social Skills

Dance friends are the best friends! Many of our students can thank DU for giving them some of their closest friendships. Spending time with family at home is important, but after-school activities are one of the best ways for kids to make friends and become social butterflies. Sign your child up for dance class and they may even meet their greatest life-long friend! 

3. Discipline

One of the biggest jobs of educators and parents is to teach children how to be productive and responsible members of society. They learn this by following through on commitments, following rules, and learning how to work hard in order to meet their goals. Dance class teaches them all of those skills! They make a commitment to their class and use teamwork to perfect their dance for recital. They become responsible for their dress code, costumes, and remembering their recital choreography. AND they work hard to perfect their skills in class. 

4. Confidence

Each and every year, we see dance work wonders for our students’ self esteem and confidence. Moving your body and performing in front of other can feel vulnerable, so pushing through fears and insecurities can really help a child learn how to step out of their comfort zone. Not to mention performing on stage, which will light your child up in ways you’ve never seen before! By signing your child up for dance class, you’re giving them a confidence boost that will trickle into whatever they tackle next.

5. Stress Relief

After long days at school, kids need a chance to get up and moving! That’s why participating in activities in Augusta is so important. Joining us as we dance and groove to our favorite tunes will be a sure way for your child to release endorphins every single week. We have loads of fun in class, which goes a long way during a child’s school week. 

So what are you waiting for? The benefits of our weekly dance classes are endless! When it comes to activities in Augusta, we’re the best option for your child this Fall! We are currently accepting enrollment for our 2023/24 Dance Season, but classes are filling fast! Don’t wait to register! Click here to view the class schedule and save your child’s spot online. 

We’re kicking things off on September 11th, will we see you there?! We can’t wait to dance with your child this school year and watch as they grow, learn, and soar at our studio!