Back to Dance Survival Kit

We kicked off our 2023/24 Dance Season last month and our year is off to a fantastic start! We’ve loved taking the first month to get to know our students and set dance goals for them. Today’s blog is for all our readers who are new to DU. We’re sharing our back to dance survival kit which is FULL of our best tips for dance parents!

When you sign your child up for an activity, you always want them to have them to have the best possible experience. As a parent, it can be stressful making sure your child has everything they need. But here at DU, we want our dance parents to feel a sense of ease. We’ve got you! 

So below, you’ll find a few lists of tips, tricks, and reminders for an awesome year. We hope they are helpful!  

Tips for Making the Most out of Your Child’s Class Time:

  • Have your child’s shoes ready to go and tuck in their ballet shoe drawstrings. Having to stop and tie those little guys can be a huge distraction during class! Not to mention a safety hazard if they are too long!
  • Take your child to the restroom before class. Our classes are jam packed with rich material and every minute counts! Avoid missing out for potty breaks. 
  • Give your child a snack before class and bring a water bottle. Our afternoon/evening classes are often near dinner time, so naturally your child’s tummy may be close to empty. Learning is hard when you’re not fueled properly! 
  • Tie your child’s hair up tightly. If their hair is in their face, they are often distracted by playing with it.  If their hair is falling out or down, it also becomes a safety issue when they are dancing.  
  • Make sure your child is in dress code. By being in the proper attire, you’re ensuring that your child’s instructor can see their body correctly. In addition, it helps build a sense of pride, confidence, and community in class! Click here to view our dress code requirements.
  • Encourage your child to practice and review at home. The more our class content and routines are reinforced at home, the more valuable their class time becomes. They’ll be able to really sink in all the notes and corrections their teachers give them because they won’t be worried about what step comes next! 

Tips for a great year, beyond just in class: 

  • Stock up on extra dancewear. Tights inevitably will snag throughout the year and it’s always nice to have a few leotards to wear when one gets dirty. Lucky for our dance parents, we make it really easy to buy the correct dancewear that follows our dress code. Just visit the lobby where we have a full line of leotard, tights and shoes or click here to visit our Page on Discount Dance Supply’s online store. 
  • Follow us on social media and check your email often to stay in the loop. Click here to follow us on Facebook and click here to access our instagram profile. You might even see your child make an appearance! But all important information is always sent via email, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox as well. 
  • Put all important dates in your calendar. You can reference your Calendar magnet you received at the first day of class or View our event calendar here and pencil it all in so nothing sneaks up on you!    
  • Get to know the other parents. Our dance family is supportive and welcoming. We’re so glad to have you! 
  • Let your child know you are their biggest fan. Being your child’s support system is the most important thing you can do for your child as a dance parent. Celebrate their successes and give them pep talks when they face challenges. Avoid comparisons or pressure to be “perfect” in class. With your love and support, your child’s confidence will soar! 

We can’t wait to watch all of our students flourish in class and on stage. We hope that dancing with us is the best decision you make for your child this year! On top of that, we hope that it’s easy, stress free, and meaningful for you too!