Meet a DU Family!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a DU Family? Are you curious about how our programs make a difference in the lives of Augusta families? We can’t wait to give you an inside look!

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring DU Families on our blog as a way for us the share the excitement and spread the word about our amazing dance community. More importantly, this is our way to show gratitude for the wonderful families that keep our studio thriving as a second home for so many children. 

First up, Meet the Lavigne Family!

Augusta Families

Matthew, Ashlyn, and Haley Lavigne have been a part of the DU family for 3.5 years. Haley, just 4 years old, has been spending her earliest dancing years with us in our Preschool Combo classes. She may be tiny, but this little one already knows fundamentals of Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop! With her natural love for moving, we just know that she’s meant for many more dancing years!

When asked to describe DU in 3 words, Matthew and Ashlyn answered, “amazing, welcoming, family.” Their favorite dance memories have been their child’s precious moments on the recital stage, which just warms our heart! At home, Haley tells her parents about how much she loves dance, her teachers, and how she dreams of being on our Performance Company once she’s old enough. For the Lavigne’s, DU is special because they are always treated like family, and we can surely weigh in: they are a treasured part of our family!

Aside from spending time at the studio, the Lavigne Family enjoys ​​Fishing, Bowling, watching movies, and taking family trips. You can also catch them grabbing a bite to eat at Long Horn, one of their favorite spots! But that’s not all… the Lavignes are expecting a baby boy named Lincoln in January! We are so excited to watch their family grow and flourish at DU for many years to come! 

Next up, Meet the Genest Family! Augusta Families

Emma and Ella Genest have been dancing with us for the past 4 years. Close in age, Ella is currently discovering dance in our Preschool 3 program, while Emma dances her little heart out in Kinderdance! Their mom clued us in on an absolutely precious game they play at home called “dance teacher”, where Emma teaches Ella new moves and routines. Now that’s something that will make any of our instructors beam with joy! 

The Genest family looks forward to seeing their children’s growth at recitals each year. They love getting the girls dressed up in their costumes, inviting their loved ones to the show, and celebrating their hard work. Ashley says that they are typically nearing tears watching them glisten on stage! After their performance, the girls are usually showered in bouquets of flowers and taken out to eat to celebrate. We love creating those celebratory memories for our families!

One of our goals is to make dancing with us easy and convenient for our dance parents. When asked if we had accomplished this, Ashley Genest responded, “Absolutely! This past summer, I noticed that Emma’s feet had seemingly grown overnight and her ballet shoes were getting snug. She was at dance camp and I emailed the studio to see about getting her new ballet shoes. Mrs. Bri got her some, made sure they fit & got them to her in no less than about 10 minutes after I sent the email!” 

Ashley Genest has thanked us for being the “best dance studio we could ever dream up for our girls!” But we’d like to thank her for sharing her sweet girls with us. We’ve treasured our time with them and can’t wait for many more years to come! 

Are you loving these DU Family features as much as we are?! It’s so amazing to hear about the warmth and joy our programs give to these dancers! Stay tuned for more Family Features in the months to come! To learn more about our studio, visit our Faculty Page.