At DU, We Go All In(clusive)!

Here at Dance Unlimited, LLC, we work hard to create a dance community that we’re proud of. Year after year, we strive to provide wonderful teaching instruction, a strong focus on technique, and a place for our dedicated students to call home. We’re committed to every part of our studio, but when it comes to our dance class pricing system, you could say we go ALL in!

At DU, we utilize our exclusive All Inclusive Tuition, which has proven to be a game-changer for our studio families! Our goal is always to create the best experience possible for both students AND parents. All Inclusive Tuition has helped us get there. So what does All Inclusive Tuition mean and what makes it so great? We’d LOVE to break it down!

When you sign up for a dance class at Dance Unlimited, our All Inclusive Tuition system puts ALL your dance expenses into one convenient, manageable monthly payment. We put everything you need for an amazing year of dance right there in that ONE monthly payment! 

So what’s included? 

  • Your dancer’s recital costume.
  • Recital Tights 
  • Complimentary Costume Accessories
  • Complimentary Recital Performance Digital Downloads 
  • Two Complimentary Recital tickets for Parents
  • And of course, some extra special surprises for our dancers throughout the year!

So what makes our All Inclusive dance class pricing system SO great for parents?

  • NO surprise recital expenses right before the holidays. Holiday spending is stressful enough! 
  • NO struggling to stay on top of payments. Set up autopay and forget about it!
  • Easy budgeting. You’ll know exactly how much dance class will cost when you register! 
  • Peace of mind for the whole family! Clear expectations make committing to dance class that much easier!

Without our exclusive All Inclusive Tuition, we’ve seen dance classes become a big financial burden towards the end of the year. That’s why we created our convenient, affordable, and efficient all inclusive pricing system! 

If you’re ready to go ALL in with us, VIP Priority Registration is NOW OPEN for our 2021/2022 Dance Season for new dance families! We’d love to meet your dancer! Head to our website to register online today!

P.S. Are you a current DU family? If you were enrolled in a class for the 2020/2021 school year, you are automatically enrolled in priority registration. You don’t have to do a thing! We’ve already secured your spot in one of our classes for the upcoming year. Just another way we like to keep things simple for our dance families.