7 Perks to Dancing Over the Summer

If you ask anyone about summer activities for kids, they’ll tell you about pool days, bike rides, and splash pads. Don’t get us wrong, we love a full day of sunshine. But if you ask us, we’ll tell you that summer is for fun in the sun AND exciting times in the studio! That’s right, we kick off those warmer months with a full schedule of dance!

Finding the perfect summer activity for your child is about more than just giving them a chance to play! It’s their 3 months of a free schedule and the ability to let loose without the added pressures of the school year. We adore the amount of positivity and carefree energy that we see in our students during the summer, which is precisely why we see summer dance as SO beneficial for them!

Dancing through the summer is great for kids of all ages, and we can’t wait to share the many reasons why! 

7 Perks to Dancing Over the Summer:

Perks for little ones…

Even our tiniest dancers get a chance to dance during the summer! From Twirling Twos and Preschool Dance, to Princess and Fairytale Camps, we’ve got just what your preschooler needs to have a sensational time this summer! Here’s what they’ll gain from dancing with us:

1. A Great Way to Stay Social
Preschoolers need constant socialization and opportunities to put their social skills to the test! Taking turns, personal space, and being kind are all things we’ll be practicing this summer.

2. A Chance to Use Their Imagination
At our 2-day Princess Camp and 4-day Fairytale Camp, your little one’s summer days will be transformed into magical adventures! They’ll tiptoe through our ballroom, sing to their favorite Disney tunes, and explore the world of their wildest dreams!

3. A Refreshing Learning Environment
Visiting the studio over the summer for classes or camps reminds your child what a learning environment looks and feels like while they’re taking a break from preschool! We keep it exciting, and engaging while keeping their bodies and minds hard at work! 

Perks for older dancers…

For kids ages 6+, (and our DUPC dancers), we’ve got technique classes galore this summer! Divided up by levels that correspond with your dancer’s school year class level, we’ve got everything you need to keep your training moving full speed ahead!

1. Keeping Up With Skills All Year Round!
Our students make SO much progress during the school year and we hate seeing them lose it after not dancing for 3 months. We’ll be doing technique drills, strengthening our bodies, and building muscle memory in classes this summer!

2. Heightened Focus
Summer gives your child a chance to really hone in on their dance skills without the added stress of the school year. Our summer students are always more focused and engaged without their busy schedules and homework stress! 

3. Intensive Experiences
Every summer we offer 3 Summer Camps that are jam-packed with amazing training! Our Diva Camp, Shooting Star Camp, and All Star Experience camp will help your dancer take their dancing to the next level!

4. A Leg up for DUPC Auditions
While dancing over the summer is required for our DUPC Dancers, it’s also a great way to really tighten up your skills before auditioning. We KNOW you’ll be ready for all the exciting things the DUPC has in store after training with us for the summer!

Are you ready to join us on the dance floor this summer?! We can’t wait to dive in and get moving! Click here to view the schedule and save your child’s spot today!