4 Tips to Ease Back Into The Dance Year

It’s officially Fall and we are finding our new normal! How is everyone feeling? While we’ve loved every second of our 2020/2021 Fall Dance Classes so far, we know that returning to school and activities after months at home is NOT easy. It is our hope that you are ALL finding your groove!

Now that school has started and fall sports are wrapping up… it could be the perfect time for your child to pick up a dance class! Whether your child is brand new to dance, or you’re joining back in after some time away from the studio, we welcome you to check our 2020/2021 Dance Schedule!

Today we are sharing some of our time-tested tips for easing back into dance this school year. Many of our dancers are returning to the studio after months at home, and many of them are building their dance skills for the first time. Whatever the circumstance, it is important for our dance families to practice self-care and patience while returning to the studio!

4 Tips for Easing Back Into Fall Dance Classes:

1. Create a weekly routine and post it somewhere at home

Growing up as a young dancer, it was always SO exciting to sit down with mom, pick out dance classes for the year, and choose what other fun activities to sign up for. When kids take an active role in picking their own activities, they are more likely to be excited about their schedule and committing to a new routine!

Penciling in your child’s dance classes on your family calendar, or even allowing them to create their own calendar is a great way to ease into Fall. Put it up on your fridge or in your child’s bedroom, serving as a daily reminder of their weekly routine! 

2. Establish a consistent bedtime routine

This is something that always gets a little relaxed in the summer when kids don’t have school, but it is SO important once their days get busy again. Heading to bed at the same time each night and encouraging screen-free time to wind down will make all the difference this Fall!

P.S. This one isn’t just for the kiddos! Parents, we know this time of year is busy for YOU too! One of the best self-care tasks you can do for yourself is prioritizing your sleep. Put those phones down and catch some well-deserved Zs! 

3. Stretch at home

This one is important for ALL of our dancers, but especially for those who have had months off of dance during the summer months or during quarantine. Jumping in with no time to recondition your body will be shocking for those tight muscles, causing soreness and stiffness that no dancer ever wants! 

We encourage our dancers to take 5-10 minutes at home, a couple days each week to stretch out. Taking some time to stretch before and after heading to class is also a great way to reduce the risk of injury as you ease back into dance. 

4. Don’t forget to pencil in some down-time! 

As your child’s schedule gets busier and activities are finally happening after months of cancellations, it’s easy to want to do it ALL! But without taking breaks, burnout and exhaustion becomes likely. Use the weekend to recharge and be sure to encourage your child to rest! This will make their new dance schedule sustainable, bringing them joy ALL year round! 

We hope this list helps our dance families ease back into our awesome Fall Dance Classes. We are aiming for no stress, and all smiles this Fall after a chaotic end to last year! 

It’s not too late to join us as we return to dance for our 2020/2021 Season! We still have openings in select classes. Check out our class schedule and register online today!