3 Reasons Why We Are Thankful For Dance

Happy November! It’s the season for giving thanks! We are certainly feeling thankful here at our dance studio in Augusta. We know that this year has been difficult for so many, which is why we are here to spread some positivity! 

Whether we have a year full of cheer, or a year full challenges, there are a few things that stay on our list no matter what. Family, food, shelter… and of course, DANCE!!! Dance is one of those things that we just can’t live without around here. We are eternally grateful for what it brings to our lives, and this Thanksgiving season, we’d love to tell you WHY!

3 Reasons Why We Are Thankful for Dance:

1. Stress Relief

There’s a reason why this one is at the top of our list… it IS the year 2020 isn’t it?! While dealing with the stressors that this year brought, it was easy to be thankful for the stress relief that dance provides. We are certain that our students felt the same way! 

At Dance Unlimited, our instructors notice when students arrive at dance class with stiff bodies and stressed faces. We tend to think of ourselves as experts at fixing that! Watching them slowly let loose and leave class relaxed makes our hearts VERY happy! 

2. Community Building

Dance has not only given us joy throughout the years, but it’s also given us the chance to build and contribute to our community. Our dance studio in Augusta has been providing dance classes for 20 years and counting, giving us the opportunity to watch as kids quite literally grow up dancing at our studio. Dancers laugh, work as a team, and make lifelong friendships within our studio doors year after year.

3. Endless Endorphins! 

Any activity that elevates your heart rate releases endorphins, a chemical which creates happy emotions in the brain. Endorphins are magical… and let’s just say that most dancers have PLENTY of them! Check out this awesome article that explains the scientific effects that dance has on the human body! 

Ultimately, dancing is SO much fun! We are grateful to have something that we can always rely on for positivity, no matter what negativity is occurring in the world around us. We make it our mission to provide that same positivity to our students each week!

Year after year, we must always say thank you for dance! We hope that sharing this list helps all of our dancers reflect on why they love dance as much as we do. 

While we absolutely ADORE dancing, there’s one more thing that makes our gratitude list every single Thanksgiving: our DU Families! YOU are the reason why we are able to do what each day, and for that we are so grateful

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Dance Unlimited! We are thankful for YOU!